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Alamo Precision Rifles is located in Ft Worth TX and is one of the premier gun makes in the USA. "They make the best rifles this side of the Pecos." You can check them out @

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AnyKidCanHunt is a non-profit organization with a goal of sharing hunting experiences with children and teens who would not be able to hunt otherwise. A Christian organization whose founder was inspired by the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of others and to give back to his community and others across Texas.

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A top supplier of match grade Firearm Accessories, Rifle Optics, Weapon Components, Protective Gear, and Gun Parts. Our inventory includes a full range of competition firearm parts and specialized inventory to meet the needs of every sporting application to first responders.

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MyMedic was started with one

objective in mind, to save lives. Their goal is to prepare everyone with equipment and training for the unexpected emergency.

They discovered that most people are not prepared for emergencies. They supply First Aid and medical kits to many of our armed forces as well as many of our First Responders.


These are some folks who believe in the mission and values of True Mark Adventures and we are proud to be connected with them.

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