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Our Mission

True Mark Adventure's Mission is to expose young men, women and veterans to God’s nature and how He has made us to live together in unity with His creation. One of True Mark Adventure’s main goal is to educate the current generation of men to endure the skill of survival by living off the provision God has gifted in the great outdoors.

What is

True Mark Adventures?

A True Mark Adventure is a three day excursion where a group of leaders take no more than ten students or veterans on a hunting trip. During this time our leaders get to share the knowledge they have about life, God, and the outdoors through the following events.

Outdoor Education


True Mark Adventures hopes that each student walks away with a better understanding and knowledge of nature. We teach basic survival skills such as building fires, knowledge of wildlife, how the seasons affect terrain, and cleaning food that they hunt!

How to Hunt Safely


Each student will be accompanied one on one or in a small group with a trained hunter to lead and teach them all that they need to know! They will be taught proper gun safety, shooting techniques, and how to properly hunt game.

Studying God's Word Together


We have great leaders with a heart for Jesus. They all will be a part of the daily Bible Studies and encourage each student as they get to know them over the Adventure!

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